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Fall 2004


Dear Notre Dame Law School Class of 2007, Welcome to Notre Dame Law School! We are thrilled to be among the first to receive you into our family. We know that this is an exciting and scary time for you, and if you are anything like we were just a couple of years ago, you probably have plenty of questions about law school, Notre Dame, and South Bend. That's why we're sending you this Guide. We hope that it will give you answers to many of your questions and that it will provide a window into what Notre Dame is like. We're sure that once you look through that window, you'll be as eager to join us as we are to have you! This is called an Insider's Guide because it has been written entirely by students. A group of about fifteen of us volunteered to collect information and reflect on our experiences to publish this Guide. The end result is a lot of information that we hope will make your transition into law school at Notre Dame easier, and your first months on campus more fun. This isn't a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know to get through law school, but it is a great place to start. Whether you're trying to figure out where to live next year, what is the best way to get to and around South Bend, where to find a good Italian restaurant, or what law students do on the weekend, this Guide will be a terrific resource. Although many of us never expected to, we have come to treasure our experiences here at NDLS. The professors, the students, and the staff of this law school are uniquetheir warmth, friendship, and true support have made studying law at Notre Dame fun and, undoubtedly, has provided us with a better hope that our enthusiasm, and that of other students, will be apparent throughout this Guide. Although we know that you have already been inundated with information from the Law School and from the University, we have enjoyed putting this Guide together for you, and we hope that this look at NDLS from the perspective of your soon-to-be colleagues will be valuable as you prepare for classes in August. Once again, welcome! Enjoy your remaining months before you begin law school, and we greatly look forward to seeing you in August!



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