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Fall 1999


To the Notre Dame Law School Class of 2002: As Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, it is my privilege to welcome all of you to Notre Dame Law School. I know you will find the next three years exciting and challenging and I am sure I speak for the entire Notre Dame community when I say that it is a pleasure to have you join us. Let me also take this opportunity to give you some information on the role of the academic dean. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs is responsible for administering the academic program here at the Law School. This means that most issues that have any impact on student life come through this office. I oversee all of the scheduling of courses and examinations, and deal with any conflicts that arise. Issues regarding course requirements, attendance, leaves of absence, transfers, student activities, academic honors, and academic and personal difficulty are all handled by this office. On many of these matters, I work closely with the Registrar, Anne Hamilton, and her office will also be available to you to handle questions and provide information during the next three years. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs is also the faculty advisor and liaison to the Dean for the student administrators of the Honor Code. After you graduate, I will certify to the state bar commissions that you have successfully completed Notre Dame's academic requirements and that you meet the character and fitness standards required for acceptance to the bar. If you have any questions or concerns that I can help with, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached by telephone at (219) 631-8610 or by e-mail at rougeau. l@:nd .edu. My office is located on the first floor of the Law School, in room 103. Once again, welcome! Please accept all my best wishes for a successful three years at Notre Dame.



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