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THE COLLEGE OF LAW is the outgrowth of a course in law established at the University in 1869, and is historically the oldest of Catholic law schools in the United States. In 1905 the school was given the status of a college in the reorganization of the University carried out in that year. The College has enjoyed a steady growth in enrollment, which at the present time numbers over two hundred.

The College of Law is a member of the Association of Ameircan Law Schools, an association of sixty-four law schools, including the leading university schools of the country, The College of Law has a "Class A" rating by the Council on Legal Education of the American Bar Association.

Since 1919 the College has been established in a building of its own, named Hoynes Hall in honor of the Honorable William James Hoynes, Dean Emeritus, whose life-long labors laid the foundation for the present growth for the College. Hoynes Hall is a two-story structure well equipped with classrooms and offices. Plans for a new building have been proposed. A large room on the first floor is set aside for the Law Library, which contains over 8,000 volumes and which has its own librarian in charge. The library is supplied with the federal and state reports and digests besides the standard textbooks and cyclopedias.

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