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Notre Dame Law School

4 Notre Dame Law School

5 Foreign Law Study

7 Joint Degree Programs

7 Requirements for Admission and Graduation

10 Fees and Expenses

11 Financial Aid Program

The Law Program

14 Student Activities

15 Curriculum

16 Course Descriptions


26 Officers of Administration

26 The Law School Faculty

27 London Faculty

27 Practice Court Judges

28 Faculty Profiles

32 The Thomas J. White Chair in Law

32 The Center for the Study of Civil Rights

33 The Thomas and Alberta White Center for Law, Government and Human Rights

33 The Center for Constitutional Studies

33 The National Center for Law and the Handicapped

33 The Law Advisory Council

34 Notre Dame Law Association

35 American Journal of Jurisprudence

36 Alphabetical Listing of Campus Buildings

38 Honor Code

38 The Law School Calendar

Application Forms

41 Application for Admission to the Notre Dame Law School

43 Application for Financial Aid

44 Parent Information

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