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Notre Dame Law School

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Foreign Law Study

Graduate Law Programs

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Requirements for Admission and Graduation

Fees and Expenses

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The Law Program

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Course Descriptions Appendix

Officers of Administration

The Law School Faculty

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Professional Staff

Faculty Profiles

Endowed Chairs

The Joseph A. Matson Chair in Law

The John N. Matthews Chair in Law

The William and Dorothy O'Neill Chair in Law

Robert E. and Marion D. Short Chair in Law

The Paul J. Schied Chair in Legal Ethics

The Concannon Program of International Law

The Center for Civil and Human Rights

The Thomas]. White Center on Law and Government

The National Institute for Trial Advocacy

The Law Advisory Council

Notre Dame Law Association

American Journal of Jurisprudence

The Law School Calendar

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Notre Dame Law School Application and Procedures

Law Access 1992-93 Loan Program Table