Criminal Procedure After Rehnquist


Criminal Procedure After Rehnquist



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Criminal Procedure After Rehnquist, in The Constitutional Legacy of William H. Rehnquist 31 (Bradford P. Wilson ed., 2015)

September 3, 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist. His 33 years on the Supreme Court of the United States made his tenure on the Court the eighth longest in American history. Though much has been written on the Rehnquist Court, relatively little scholarly work has been devoted to Rehnquist's own influence on legal interpretation and the development of Supreme Court doctrine. To assess Rehnquist's constitutional legacy, this volume examines three areas of constitutional interpretation in which he made influential and, it would seem, lasting contributions―federalism, criminal procedure, and the place of religion in America's constitutional design. The contributors to this book are well known for their expertise in these three constitutional domains. By organizing the volume around three central essays and commentaries on each, the book provides not only an overview of Rehnquist's contributions to major constitutional themes, but also differing perspectives on the essays themselves and on Rehnquist's constitutional legacy. Among the contributors to this work are John S. Baker, Jr.; Charles J. Cooper; Donald L. Drakeman; Richard W. Garnett; Kent Greenawalt; R. Shep Melnick; Robert F. Nagel; Stephen J. Schulhofer; and Stephen F. Smith.



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Criminal Procedure After Rehnquist