The Law and Economics of the Coronavirus Crisis


The Law and Economics of the Coronavirus Crisis




The coronavirus pandemic struck unexpectedly, posing unprecedented challenges around the world. At the same time, this crisis also offers a unique opportunity for reflection, research, and insight regarding this and similar global and domestic crises. There is much to be learned from analysing the effects of the crisis. It provides a chance for a fresh scholarly examination of important aspects of legal regulation, policymaking, and more. This volume pursues these questions from a broad range of Law and Economics perspectives and is divided into two parts. The first part examines the immediate impact of and responses to the coronavirus crisis, while the second explores the future possibilities that scholarly analysis of this crisis can offer.

As to the immediate impact and responses, questions of compliance with regulations and safety measures, nudging and decision-making with regard to the coronavirus crisis are examined from the perspective of behavioural economics. In addition, the short- and long-term effects of various emergency policy responses on contract law are studied. Current issues and challenges like the regulation of internet platforms, excessive pricing, the right to adequate food, risk and loss allocation, as well as remote learning and examinations, which have been impacted, brought about, complicated or aggravated by the coronavirus crisis, are analysed in depth. Lastly, future possibilities in the areas of data access rights, economic instability and the balance between political-economic interests and social interests, patenting, food labels and open data are illustrated.



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legal regulation, policymaking, Law and Economics, coronavirus crisis, contract law, data access rights, patenting, global crises, domestic crises, behavioral economics


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Economic Analysis of Law in European Legal Scholarship 13

The Law and Economics of the Coronavirus Crisis