Is The Filibuster Unconstitutional? The Proper Role of Congress in the Age of Dysfunction

Amy Coney Barrett, Notre Dame Law School


Indiana University Bloomington

Mauer School of Law

The Federalist Society welcomes all to a talk on the proper role of Congress.

The Federalist Society has a long track record of discussing the proper role of the judiciary. Now its attention turns to everyone's favorite group to hate, Congress. With House Speaker John Boehner's resignation and near constant threats of shutdowns and debt-limits defaults, this is a highly topical event.

Prof. Amy Barrett from the University of Notre Dame Law School will speak about Congress's ability and duty to check the executive branch and how the current filibuster structure might not be constitutional. Prof. Barrett is one of the most engaging speakers on the subject, and it is sure to be an enjoyable hour.

Prof. Steve Sanders will provide response commentary, and Q & A will be welcome. Lunch from Noodles & Company will be provided. Room 124, noon.