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42 Fla. L. Rev. 467 (1990)


Professor Morgan is more than gracious to me, his colleague in legal ethics. He understands, I think, that our little sub-discipline is an academic youngster—open, as children are, to insight and persuasion, willing to listen to almost anybody. I am grateful to him for his kind reference to my work. Along with other American law teachers, I am grateful for his leadership, critical thought, scholarly discussion, and example as one of the American legal profession's principal teachers of ethics.

My usefulness among commentators on Morgan's Thinking About Lawyers as Counselors, is probably that I write about legal ethics in reference to the Hebraic theological tradition—with attention to the ethics of Moses and of Jesus. And so I take the occasion to argue that the theological perspective is useful in considering the ethics of legal counseling, and to wonder at and complain about the neglect of religion by my colleagues in legal ethics as they try to decide how American lawyers should behave.



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