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64 St. John's L. Rev. 701 (1989-1990)


Foreword: In January of 1931, Warner Brothers-First National released a film entitled Little Caesar. Based on a book by W. R. Burnett, the movie, loosely portraying the life of Alphonse Capone, starred Edward G. Robinson in its title role, Caesar Enrico Bandello, also known as "Little Caesar," or “Rico.” Robinson, as he lies dying, utters one of the most famous end lines in film history: “Mother of Mercy–is this the end of Rico?” Likewise, no one who looks at this Symposium–or others7-or the seemingly inevitable march of RICO reform (chloroform?) legislation through Congress–or the endless efforts of the federal judiciary to narrow the statute–can help but endlessly wonder, “Is this the end of RICO?”

This Symposium, with its wide-ranging lead articles and its craftsman-like student pieces, provides an excellent overview of the statute, and opinions for–and against–it.


Reprinted with permission of St. John's Law Review.

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