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The Robert J. and Kathleen B. Welsh Family
Endowment for the Notre Dame Law School

Robert J. Welsh Jr. is president and chief executive officer of Welsh Oil, Inc., in Merrillville, Indiana. A 1956 graduate of Notre Dame, he was a member of the Notre Dame Law School Advisory Council from 1987 to 1990 before transferring to the Advisory Council for the College of Business Administration, on which he served until his election to the University’s Board of Trustees in 1991. Among his business affiliations are directorships of NBD Indiana, Inc.,NIPSCO Industries, Inc., Northern Indiana Public Service Company, and Lakeshore Hospital Systems, where he serves as chairman of the Finance Committee. He also served on the Board of Regents of Saint Mary’s College for eight years, several of which were in the capacity of vice chair of the board and treasurer of the college. He was also a recipient of their “President’s Medal.” Bob’s wife, Kathleen, is an alumna of Saint Mary’s College. Bob and Kathleen live in Valparaiso, Indiana, and have four daughters, all of whom attended Saint Mary’s College: Anne, Kathleen, Suzanne (a 1989 graduate of the Notre Dame Law School) and Mary Carol, and a son, Daniel.

The Robert J. and Kathleen B. Welsh Family Endowment for the Notre Dame Law School has been a tremendous resource in helping the Kresge Law Library to enhance the quality of its collections. With the expansion of the Law School’s mission to include major faculty and student research, it is imperative that the library’s collections expand to accommodate these interests. The Welsh Endowment has enabled the library to acquire legal information in print, microform, and online formats that would otherwise be unobtainable. The availability of this information to students and faculty is invaluable to their scholarship and research efforts. Moreover, in addition to the direct benefits, the enhancement of the library’s collections plays a significant role in fostering the Law School’s national leadership reputation.




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