Janet Rose


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Corky was rescued by my sister-in-law. She's a registered nurse and was taking care of a terminally ill woman. Corky had been given to her as a companion when he was a puppy. She fed him only table scraps and, when he came to us, he refused dog food. He also smelled of cigarette smoke, he was losing his fur, and has allergies that he battled all of his life as a result of his care. The family was going to put him down as no one wanted him and Patty said that she would take him and find him a new home. Since then, he has lived with a "silver spoon in his mouth". He is one spoiled-rotten dog. Yet he is very gentle, very quiet.

Corky passed away on April 28, 2008. According to the vet, had he been a human, he would've been over 130 years old.