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Dean Shaffer writes in the Report of the Dean: 1972–1973, "The immediate local news at Notre Dame, in September 1973, is happy news. The expansion and renewal of our 43-year-old law building is finished; the result is a magnificent blend of convenience and technology with the Gothic beauty of what has always been to me the most handsome of Notre Dame’s “de pression buildings.” For the first time in 20 years we have enough room ; we can seat every Notre Dame law student in our splendid new Kresge Law Library. All of our classrooms are spacious, modern, superbly equipped. Every member of the faculty has a refurbished, refurnished office. And we have room in the law library to accommodate necessary expansion in our collection, expansion which has been generously assisted by recent capital contributions from the testamentary trust established by the late John P. Murphy, ‘12L, Cleveland. The building is a pleasant home for legal studies—the most pleasant the Law School has ever had; I am proud of it. It says some important things about our people and our aspirations."


Kresge Law Library, Notre Dame Law School, University of Notre Dame