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This Week @ NDLS

  • Notre Dame v. U. Louisville on ESPN
  • Daily Commons Menu Specials
  • Daily Mass Schedule
  • Opportunities with the Research Division of the Michigan Court of Appeals
  • St. Thomas More Society general meeting
  • Exoneration Project general meeting
  • Gavel Club meeting
  • Student Organizations Fair
  • Memorial Mass for John Nagle

General Announcements

  • NDLS Fall Ball save the date Oct. 11, 2019
  • Legal Writing Center
  • Health & Wellness reminder
  • How to put posters on the Law Library e-board

A Little Lagniappe (In Louisianna it means "a little something extra".)

  • Marge's Message
  • Sport Report
  • Pop Culture Pop-In!
  • Professor Spotlight–Veronica Root Martinez
  • 1L of the Week–Lilla Felix


2019-2020 MMU editor: Margaret "Marge" Manning, SBA Secretary

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