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This Week @ NDLS

  • Legal Voices for Children and Youth Introductory Meeting
  • Galilee Town Meetings
  • CDO Resume Workshops
  • CDO Deloitte Careers in Tax
  • Notre Dame Space Law Society Introductory Meeting
  • Volunteer Lawyer Network Informational Meeting
  • Daily Commons Menu Specials
  • Daily Mass Schedule
  • Married & Engaged Law Students Organization Introductory Meeting & 1L Rep Elections
  • The Notre Dame Clinical Law Center and the Economic Justice Society will host Lesley Fair, senior attorney with the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection to discuss the agency's role in protecting consumer privacy
  • Galilee Town Meetings
  • London in the Commons
  • HLSA Introductory Meeting
  • Notre Dame Law School’s ACLU Welcome Meeting
  • Christian Legal Society: First Meeting
  • Best Practices for Writing Journal Notes and Seminar Papers
  • “The Price of our Humanity: Disability Selective Abortion and Cost-Effectiveness” by Mary O’Callaghan
  • IDEAS that matter - IDEA Launch 20-hour Sprint to Impact!
  • The Federalist Society hosts Ryan T. Anderson who will speak about whether Title VII's prohibition of sex discrimination protects sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Law School Fall Classic Softball game

General Announcements

  • Spirit Week October 14-18
  • SBA store hours
  • NDLS Fall Ball save the date Oct. 11, 2019
  • Legal Writing Center
  • Mock Trial Coaches Wanted
  • Health & Wellness reminder
  • How to put posters on the Law Library e-board
  • Notice for student visitors to Sinai Synagogue
  • Celebrate 150 Years of ND Law
  • Volunteer opportunity at Green Bridge Growers

A Little Lagniappe (In Louisianna it means "a little something extra".)

  • Marge's message
  • Sport Report
  • Professor Spotlight–Nicole Garnett
  • 1L of the Week–Samantha Contreras


2019-2020 MMU editor: Margaret "Marge" Manning, SBA Secretary

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