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This Week @ NDLS

  • Tabor Hill Winery Tour Tickets
  • Free Speech, Same-Sex Marriage, and Anti Discrimination Laws
  • CDO Resume Workshop 10
  • CDO Mentorship Program Information Session
  • CDO Resume Workshop 11
  • Daily Commons Menu Specials
  • SBA Store Hours
  • Daily Mass Schedule
  • Education Law Forum Introductory Meetins
  • CDO's U.S. Army JAG Info Session
  • CO Resume Workshop 12
  • STMS Event: "Cardinal Pell's Unsuccessful Appeal–and Reason for Hope"
  • Fall Ball 2019 Tickets on Sale
  • SCELF Event: USA Gymnastics Counsel, Mark Busby
  • Civility: Searching for the Better Angels of our Future
  • A Different Kind of Lawyer 10 Years Out
  • Legal Observer Training
  • Women's Legal Forum Homecoming Reception
  • Happy Homecoming, ND! Beat the Cavaliers!

General Announcements

  • New SBA Opportunity: Diversity & Inclusion Committee
  • Spirit Week
  • SBA Store Hours
  • NDLS Fall Ball
  • Legal Writing Center
  • Invitation to All Student Groups
  • Notice for student visitors to Sinai Synagogue
  • Mock Trial Coaches Wanted
  • Celebrate 150 Years of ND Law
  • Volunteer opportunity at Green Bridge Growers
  • Health & Wellness Center

A Little Lagniappe

  • Marge's Message
  • Sport Report
  • Professor Spotlights–David Waddilove
  • 1L of the Week–oops! Too busy.


2019-2020 MMU editor: Margaret "Marge" Manning, SBA Secretary

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