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This Week @ NDLS

  • Daily Commons Menu Specials
  • Daily Mass Schedule
  • Morning Prayer with CLS
  • SBA Store Hours
  • Changemakers Week
  • Campus Launch: With Voice True, the Klau Center Archive on Race
  • Research Assistant Information Session
  • WLF Lunch: Intersectionality in the Midwest Suffrage Movement
  • 2nd Amendment Rights for People of Color: A Conversation with Professor Smith
  • Thomas Jefferson, Race, Slavery, and the Problem of American Nationhood
  • How Women Have Shaped the Judiciary Panel Discussion
  • How to Pursue a Public Interest Career with Equal Justice Works

General Announcements

  • Student Job Opportunity w/ND Listens
  • SBA Store Hours
  • Health & Wellness Center
  • Legal Writing Center
  • Notice to student visitors to Sinai Synagogue
  • IDEA Center Student Connections
  • Volunteer Opportunity at Green Bridge Growers
  • Advertise Law School Events on the Law Library e-board

A Little Lagniappe (In Louisiana it means "a little something extra".)

  • Marge's Message
  • Sport Report
  • Professor Spotlight–no one this week
  • 1L of the Week–Nathaniel Hanna


2019-2020 MMU editor: Margaret "Marge" Manning, SBA Secretary

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