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This Week @ NDLS

General Announcements and Reminders

  • Crossings is closed until further notice. However, the GrubHub app is a great way to see what's available on campus and order ahead for pickup.
  • CDO Announcements
  • ABA Mental Health Toolkit
  • SBA Store
  • Daily Mass Schedule
  • LexisNexis Office Hours
  • Resume Workshops all week
  • Public Interest Month: State Prosecution
  • IP Lecture Series: Professor Margo Bagley from Emory
  • ND Supreme Court Review: The Roberts Court in OT 2019
  • Public Interest Month: Representing the State
  • Global Spotlight Lecture Series, Finding Fault; Doctrine and Difficult Questions in Law
  • Public Interest Month: Guardian Ad Litem/Friend of the Court
  • BLSA Career Pathways Series
  • Inventing and "Reinventing" under Patent Law
  • Discussion on US State Department's Commission on Unalienable Rights
  • IPLS Fall Speaker Series - Liisa Thomas
  • The Fighting Irish at home against the South Florida Bulls

Resources and Updates

  • Legal Writing Center
  • Health & Wellness Information
  • SBA Dropbox
  • COVID Corner

A Message from the Editor

1L of the Week: Alex Schykerynec

3LOL: Jaemie Paraon


2020-2021 MMU editor: Krystal Moczygemba, SBA Secretary

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