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This Week @ NDLS

General Announcements and Reminders

  • Crossings: Closed this week.
  • CDO is offering "walk-in" hours via Zoom, Monday through Friday, 12:45-4:45 p.m.
  • Daily Mass Schedule
  • Galilee City Group Meet & Greets via Zoom
  • SBA Store
  • LexisNexis Office Hours
  • LexisNexis 2L/3L Training
  • International Human Rights Society First General Meeting
  • IP Legal Market Today: Notes and Observations
  • CDO Introductions to the 1L Class
  • Panel Discussion: "What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?"
  • Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS) First Meeting & 1L Elections
  • The Future of Privacy, from Ireland to America
  • The American Constitution Society Fall Kickoff Meeting
  • ND Law in Chicago Informational Meeting for Spring Semester 2021
  • ACLU First Meeting

Resources and Updates

  • Legal Writing Center
  • Health & Wellness Information
  • COVID Corner

A Message from the Editor

1L of the Week: Elizabeth Wentross

3LOL: Jeremy Roho


2020-2021 MMU editor: Krystal Moczygemba, SBA Secretary

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