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This Week @ NDLS

General Announcements and Reminders

  • Crossings is Monday thru Friday 7:30-4:00. Daily Specials.
  • CDO Announcements
  • Restoration Week
  • Koru Mindfulness for Law Students
  • SBA Store
  • LexisNexis Office Hours
  • RBG and the Environment: A Talk with Professor Huber
  • Debunking 1L Myths
  • IP Lecture Series: Professor Robert Brauneis
  • Mentorship Program Introduction
  • Dress for Success
  • Daily Mass Schedule
  • Working In-House at a Hospital System - NDLS Alum Katy Baum
  • Environmental Justice
  • LexisNexis 1L Quick Tips Series: Terms & Connectors Searching
  • The Excessive Use of Force at Home and Abroad
  • IP Lecture Series: Professor K.J. Greene
  • Virtual Tailgate: Louisville and Nashville
  • Free Coffee Fridays! until the end of the semester
  • Building an Anti-Racist Vocabulary: Allyship
  • Virtual Tailgate: Denver
  • Virtual Tailgate: Washington D.C.
  • Virtual Tailgate: Houston
  • The Fighting Irish take on the Louisville Cardinals—Go Irish!

Resources and Updates

  • Legal Writing Center
  • The Current Students Section of the NDLS Website
  • Health & Wellness Information
  • Free Professional Headshots
  • SBA Dropbox
  • COVID Corner

A Message from the Editor

CDO Counselor Spotlight: Ed D'Arcy

1L of the Week: Emma Coomes

3LOL: Rose Mooney


2020-2021 MMU editor: Krystal Moczygemba, SBA Secretary

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