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General Announcements and Reminders

  • Crossings is open Monday thru Friday 7:30-4:00. Daily Specials.
  • Crossings and Grubhub Partnership
  • CDO Announcements
  • SBA Store
  • Mass Schedule
  • Justice for George Floyd? Unpacking the Verdict
  • IPLS: Meet the Employers
  • Combating Child Slave Labor: A Discussion About Nestle v. Doe
  • The Role of Islamic Law in US Courts
  • Alvin McKenna Alumnus of the Year Award Ceremony
  • Free International Snacks!
  • Obergefell, Masterpiece Cakeshop, and Fulton: Harnessing v. Unleashing 'Armies of Compassion
  • Protecting Oak Flat and Other Indigenous Sacred Places
  • IP in Practice: Tech Transactions
  • Building an Anti-Racist Vocabulary: "Beyond Policing"

Resources and Updates

  • Legal Writing Center
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  • The Current Students Section of the NDLS Website
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A Message from the Editor

1L of the Week: Ian McKay

3LOL: Graham Pilotte


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