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MMU Monday morning Update (Sept. 29 - Oct. 5)

Monday, Sept. 29

  • “Jumpstart Your Public Interest Job Search,”
  • ND Law & Economics Workshop. Prof. Brinig discusses “Shared Parenng Laws: Mistakes of Pooling.”
  • Rosary, 4:30
  • SBA Meeting
  • Monday Night Soccer

Tuesday, Sept. 30

  • "The Bar Exam: All You Need to Know" is presented by Themis Bar Review
  • ND Men’s Soccer v. VCU
  • Halloween Costume idea: Vigo the Carpathian

Wednesday, Oct. 1

  • Business Law Forum (BLF) will be holding an Experiential Learning Meeting
  • The Clynes Chair Lecture: Eduardo Ferrer MacGregor Poisot, Judge, Inter-American Court of Human Rights, will be speaking. The topic: When do we talk about Judicial Dialogue?
  • Justice Ann Claire Williams will be meeting with the Black Law Student Association
  • CDO: Presidential Management Fellowship Overview
  • The Architecture School invites interested law students to attend “Back to the Future: A Return to the Principles of Traditional Town Planning.”
  • Dr. Bernard Nahlen will give the Paul P. Weinstein Memorial Lecture: “Will it be possible to accelerate policy change and build consensus to free the world of malaria?”

Thursday, Oct. 2

  • What does it mean to be a Chrisan Lawyer?
  • Theatre Performance: ND Theatre NOW
  • NDLS and the Institute for Educational Initiatives presents “Lost Classroom, Lost Community: Catholic Schools’ Importance in Urban America.”

Friday, Oct. 3

  • Galilee planning meeting
  • Military Law Student Association presents a discussion with Paul M. Lewis
  • ND Football Pep Rally
  • Theatre Performance: ND Theatre NOW

Saturday, Oct. 4

  • Football v. Stanford
  • Notre Dame Band on the steps of Bond Hall

Sunday, Oct. 5

  • Mass 4:30
  • St. Thomas More Society Supper Club, TBD


  • New Avvo Law Student Scholarship
  • Notre Dame Law in D.C. beginning spring 2015
  • Russell & Lazarus Safety Scholarship
  • New opening in Simplicity

Get to know Faculty/Staff/Students: Julian Velasco

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