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Fall 2005


Notre Dame Law School


Notre Dame


Frank Eck, Carozza, William Kelley, G. Robert Blakey, RICO, Michael Kirsch, Conrad Kellenberg, Honorable Kenneth F. Ripple




$21 Million Dollar Gift from Alumnus Frank Eck Through the generosity of Frank Eck, a staunch supporter of the University of Notre Dame, the law school moves closer to completing its building campaign to expand the Law School.

Voices of Continuity One senior and four junior faculty members are promoted, a testament to their collective dedication to scholarship, teaching, and service.

New Voices Six new faculty members and three visiting scholars join the Notre Dame Law School, bringing a collective voice already well known in scholarly journals and conferences.

Carozza Elected Member on Human Rights Commission Professor Paolo Carozza’s dedication to human rights is recognized through election to an international committee dedicated to protecting and promoting human rights.

Kelley Named Deputy Counsel to Bush Professor William Kelley, an expert in constitutional and administrative law, was named Deputy Counsel to President Bush.

Voir Dire: A Conversation with Professor G. Robert Blakey Professor Blakey speaks about RICO, the mob, terrorists, and “The Sopranos.”

Corporate Inversions Professor Michael Kirsch excerpts his VIRGINIA TAX REVIEW article.

Conrad Kellenberg Award Inaugurated Professor emeritus Conrad Kellenberg is honored through an award that recognizes student dedication to bettering both the Law School and the local community.

Honorable Kenneth F. Ripple reflects on his twenty years as a Justice for the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Notre Dame Lawyer - Fall 2005

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