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Spring 2006


Notre Dame Law School


Notre Dame


Different Kind of Lawyer, William Rehnquist, Richard Garnett, Joseph Bauer, Law Library, Roger Jacobs, Walter Pratt, Rwanda, Fred Mulindwa, Alpha Sesay, scholarship, Amy Barrett, Shirley McLean, Larry D. Soderquist




Learning What It Means to be a Different Kind of Lawyer
Student participants are reminded why they came to law school.

Tennis and Top Buttons: Remembering William Rehnquist
Prof. Richard Garnett eulogizes his former mentor.

The Far Reach of the Dome’s Shadow: Discovery in Asia
Prof. Joseph Bauer travels 7,000 miles to discover Asia.

The Law Library: A Twenty-Year Odyssey
Departing Associate Prof. Roger Jacobs reflects on the past 20 years.

People, Books, Quiet Action: The Emblems of a Friend
Prof. Walter Pratt salutes his departing friend.

Center for Civil and Human Rights: Continuing a Tradition
Firmly grounded in its history, the center approaches its future.

Rwanda: The Blood Flows with the Honey
Judge Fred Mulindwa confronts the legacy of genocide.

One Specific Time and Place
Alpha Sesay reflects on his time at the Center.

Hallmarks of Excellence
Two NDLS graduates exemplify scholarship and service.

The Supervisory Power of the Supreme Court
Associate Prof. Amy Barrett excerpts her Columbia Law Review article.

Goodbye to a Beloved “Co-Pilot”
The Law School says goodbye to Shirley McLean.

Larry D. Soderquist: Professor, Author, Minister, Friend
Colleagues remember former professor Larry Soderquist.

Notre Dame Lawyer - Spring 2006

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