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Fall 2007


Notre Dame Law School


Notre Dame


Construction, Neuroimaging, Sopranos, Mike McCafferty, Loan Repayment Assistance, Black Law Students Association




Law School Breaks Ground for New Facility
Eck Hall of Law is now under construction.

Law School Construction Update
The new building will be completed by December 2008.

Neuroimaging and the “Complexity” of Capital Punishment
Prof. Carter Snead examines the debate over the use of brain scans in capital cases.

Salvation and the Sopranos: Redemption in New Jersey?
The fate of Tony Soprano’s soul and the human quest for redemption are contemplated by Prof. Cathleen Kaveny.

Law School Celebrates Father Mike McCafferty’s Life and Legacy

Loan Repayment Assistance Takes a Big Step Forward
Forgiveness of law school debt for public service workers is one goal of the Spirit of Notre Dame campaign.

Black Law Students Association to Celebrate 35th Annual Reunion

Faculty Promotions, Visitors, and New Appointments

Notre Dame Lawyer - Fall 2007

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