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Summer 2009


Notre Dame Law School


Notre Dame


Eck Hall, Nell Jessup Newton, Patricia A. O’Hara, William Kelley, Juan Guzman




Eck Hall of Law
After a semester of use, Eck Hall of Law has begun to feel like home. Here’s an inside look at the classrooms, courtroom, chapel, and all that makes Eck Hall a fabulous place to be.

Meet Nell Jessup Newton
She’s an accomplished scholar, professor, dean, volunteer, and advocate. Now she’s ours.

Paying Tribute to Dean O’Hara
This summer, Patricia A. O’Hara will end her tenure as dean of Notre Dame Law School after a decade at the helm. Members of the Law School community, and a current student express their gratitude and esteem for her many years of service and friendship.

Behind the Scenes
Professor William Kelley discusses his years at the White House, explains why he returned to Notre Dame, and gives a glimpse of his vision for the future of this Law School.

Bringing Down a Dictator
Retired Chilean Judge Juan Guzman will go down in history for investigating, indicting, and prosecuting Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. Guzman visited Notre Dame Law School and spoke to LL.M. students about his amazing career.

Notre Dame Lawyer - Summer 2009

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