The world finds itself currently in the biggest refugee crisis in history. Many individuals have to leave their home country and escape to a new home, hoping to remain there and begin a productive and dignified life. The stateless Rohingya are a group that has been part of this migratory movement due to the group’s maltreatment in Myanmar. Many Rohingya have gone to Thailand, where they have remained for over twenty years, without the permission to work or remain in the country lawfully. In fact, the current Thai laws neglect to allow for the Rohingya to remain lawfully in Thailand and to work legally under safe conditions. This is the case regardless of international obligations, such as under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which guarantee the right to work to foreign individuals in a State. In order for Thailand to be compliant with its international obligations, the Article calls for the Kingdom to amend its Immigration and Labor Laws, effectively allowing stateless individuals and refugees to live a dignified life through lawful and safe employment. These changes would further assist Thailand in using the refugees and stateless individuals’ labor in the most economically efficient way. With these changes, Thailand can be a model for many other countries to provide groups, such as the Rohingya, with the treatment they are entitled to under international law.



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