Body camera implementation remains in its infancy stage. As such,

there is a dearth of legal scholarship analyzing the policy considerations associated

with body cameras. Instead of raising the issues involved and assessing

arguments for and against implementation, this Note assumes body cameras

are a force for good and are here to stay for the long haul. Consequently, the

goal of this Note is to analyze various issues involved in administering body

cameras against a backdrop of recently enacted state legislation—focusing

specifically on the tension between protecting privacy interests while also

ensuring public access to recordings. This Note examines these competing

values and makes limited policy judgments, and in light of these determinations,

outlines recent body camera legislation and assesses to what degree

current laws conform to these standards. This Note argues state laws have

identified and sought to remedy the core issues created by body cameras;

however, only some state laws strike a proper balance between respecting

privacy interests and granting the public access to video recordings. Thus,

many state laws continue to leave important gaps in their body camera




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