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As the topic of net neutrality becomes increasingly polarized, the question becomes: Who should decide how consumers use the internet? Are usage determinations best left unregulated and to the discretion of massive corporations, or should usage be determined by regulations that aim to ensure an open and freely accessible internet? The answer to this question has far-reaching and deeply meaningful implications for the lives of every American.

The ways in which consumers communicate, access information, and participate in social media are all subject to change as the future of net neutrality regulation becomes uncertain. Part I of this Essay will discuss the technical background of this debate. Part II will discuss the legal background and explain the FCC’s jurisdiction to regulate net neutrality. Part III will explain and analyze the current policy debate over net neutrality regulation and discuss why the Trump administration’s stance on net neutrality is misguided. With the Trump administration’s new goals of light-handed net neutrality regulation, understanding this debate and the consequences of its conclusion are more important than ever.



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