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NDLS Communicator: Week of 02.03.20

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The Latest News

  • Sam Bray cited by Justice Gorsuch in recent opinion
  • Mark McKenna quoted in Fashion Law
  • Judy Fox quoted in New York Times
  • A View from the Classroom: Donald Kommers
  • London Law Program students visit NATO headquarters in Brussels
  • ND Law volunteers return to border to assist asylum seekers

Faculty News

  • Sam Bray participated in a lunchtime event on Discussing the History of Nationwide Injunctions at Duke Law last week.
  • Rick Garnett gathered with other scholars, human rights advocates, and experts at BYU Law last week to discuss religious persecution.
  • Avishalom Tor has co-authored a chapter in a new Oxford book, Social Comparison, Judgment, and Behavior.

This Week's Events

  • Tuesday, February 4: Faculty Colloquium, A.J. Bellia
  • Wednesday, February 5: Data-Driven Originalism: The Rise of Corpus Linguistics with James Phillips and Amy Barrett
  • State of the Law School, Dean Cole will address the student body
  • Thursday, February 6: FPAC Speaker Series: Judge Jon DeGuilio
  • Friday, February 7: 2020 JLEG Symposium: Hot Topics in Immigration Law

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