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NDLS Communicator: Week of 03.02.20

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The Latest News

  • Rick Garnett interviewed on Bloomberg Law
  • Veronica Root Martinez writes for Jotwell
  • Sam Bray testifies before the Senate Judiciary Panel on Universal Injunctions
  • Judy Fox on ABC 57 News
  • ND grant will fund research to confront Church’s sex abuse crisis
  • 70th Annual Moot Court Showcase Oral Argument
  • International scholars discuss constitutional law at London roundtable
  • Congratulations! This past weekend the Notre Dame Law School National Trial Competition Trial Team competed at the National Trial Competition Regional in Cleveland, Ohio.

Faculty News

  • Lloyd Mayer examines church versus fundamental public policy conflicts that could threaten tax-exempt status in "What Is Caesar's, What Is God's: Fundamental Public Policy for Churches."
  • Paul Miller and Julian Velasco both presented papers at the 2020 William and Mary Law Review Symposium on The Future of Fiduciary Law in Williamsburg on February 21-22.
  • Mark Telloyan gave a presentation to the Elkhart Bar Association on "Basic Concepts in Bankruptcy Law" on February 20.

This Week's Events

  • Monday, March 2: Faith, Police and Police Discipline Matrix: Teach-In
  • Week Against Mass Incarceration letter writing campaign
  • Tuesday, March 3: Faculty Colloquium, Josh Kleinfeld, Northwestern
  • Cruel and New: Why Supermax, Lethal Injection, and Mass Incarceration Violate the Original Meaning of the Eighth Amendment but the Firing Squad Doesn’t
  • Wednesday, March 4: Faculty Meeting
  • Black Lives Matter: Teach-In
  • Friday, March 6: Notre Dame's Private Prison Investments: Teach-In
  • March 9-13: Spring Break

Looking Ahead

  • Friday, March 20: Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy Symposium will offer CLE credit to Notre Dame Law faculty.
  • Thursday, March 26: The Federalist Society and Program on Constitutional Structure will host Judges Elizabeth Branch, Britt Grant, and Joan Larsen for a panel discussion about their careers, experiences in the judiciary, and the role of judges in the federal and state courts.
  • Monday, March 30: Mary Ann Glendon, the Learned Hand Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, will give the inaugural Rice-Hasson Distinguished Lecture on "Human Ecology and the Legal Vocation."

Around the Watercooler

  • Lenten Healing Prayer Service for Staff Staff Chaplain Fr. Jim Bracke, C.S.C. invites all staff to a Lenten Prayer Service on Wednesday, March 4


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