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NDLS Communicator: Week of 08.31.20

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The Latest News

  • ND Law students stay on track with career goals by completing summer work programs virtually
  • Avishalom Tor delivers lecture, 'Behavioral Lessons for Antitrust Enforcement,' to DOJ's Antitrust Division
  • Judy Fox participates in Workers' Forum: Indiana Legal Services
  • Program on Ethics, Compliance & Inclusion to focus on ethics in government service in 2020-21
  • Laura Wolk speaks to NFB about clerkship experience
  • Alumni in the News: ND Law graduate Patrick Salvi II '07 J.D. appeared on CNN’s The Situation Room last week with Wolf Blitzer.
  • Faculty News: Bruce Huber analyzes the nuclear power industry and new types of technology in "The New Nuclear? Small Modular Reactors and the Future of Nuclear Power," published in the latest volume of Notre Dame's Journal on Emerging Technologies

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, August 31: SBA & GRC Allyship Training
  • Tuesday, September 1: Faculty Colloquium, Christian Burset
  • Wednesday, September 2: Faculty Meeting

Around the Watercooler

  • Recalculating the Risks--Op-ed in the Observer
  • Welcome Week
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Staff Prayer Line
  • Alumni Association seeks nominees for 2020 Domer Dozen


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