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NDLS Communicator: Week of 10.19.20

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The Latest News

  • Fifth Circuit Judge Carl Stewart gives keynote address for Program on Ethics, Compliance & Inclusion
  • Judge Amul Thapar to guest lecture at Notre Dame Law School
  • Rick Garnett interviewed on the Pacific Legal podcast
  • Carter Snead wrote an Op-Ed in the New York Post
  • ND Law colleagues in the news about Amy Coney Barrett: Patricia O'Hara, Laura Wolk, '16 J.D., Stephanie Barclay.
  • Veronica Root moderated a discussion titled “Exploring Racial and Social Injustice and Inequality in America” on the history, root causes, and modern-day implications of social and racial injustice in America
  • Mark McKenna participated in the American University Law Review Federal Circuit Symposium Series: Trademark Law Oxford Debate.
  • Rick Garnett was recently elected to American Law Institute.

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, October 19: IP Lecture Series, Professor K.J. Greene, This is rescheduled from last week.
  • Tuesday, October 20: Job Talk via Zoom
  • PECI Book Series, "White Fragility' Book" Discussion
  • School Vouchers in the Age of COVID-19 with Tim Keller, senior attorney at the Institute for Justice, and Nicole Garnett via Zoom
  • Wednesday, October 21: Job Talk via Zoom
  • 1000 Days, 1000 Homes, A Talk with Jim Kelly via Zoom
  • Thursday, October 22: Open Access Week, Cultural Heritage, Technology, and Open Access via Zoom
  • A Conversation with Professor Eskridge: Discussing Marriage Equality, Religious Freedom, and City of Fulton v. Philadelphia via Zoom, Moderated by Rick Garnett
  • Friday, October 23: The Science Lab, Numbers Can Lie: Face Recognition with Roger Woodard, teaching Professor and director of Data Science MS Program via Zoom
  • Private Law Workshop, Shyamkrishna Balganesh, University of Pennsylvania via Zoom
  • A Conversation with Professor Bill Eskridge on Bostock and Statutory Interpretation via Zoom, Moderated by Sam Bray
  • Launch meeting for Hamburg Honor Scholars Program via Zoom
  • Saturday, October 24: Notre Dame at Pittsburgh

Around the Watercooler

Happy Birthday!

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