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NDLS Communicator: Week of 11.16.20

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The Latest News

  • Philanthropy students award nearly $50,000 to local nonprofits
  • Jay Tidmarsh spoke with BBC Radio 4's Law in Action
  • Stephanie Barclay wrote an oped for The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Rick Garnett in the news
  • Reviews of Carter Snead's new book
  • Stephanie Barclay will be participating in the National Constitution Center America's Town Hall, "Church-State Separation: What Does The Constitution Really Say?"
  • Stephanie Barclay has published The Historical Origins of Judicial Religious Exemptions in the Notre Dame Law Review.

Around the Watercooler

  • End of Semester Video for Students
  • Happy Birthday
  • Christmas Goodie Bags
  • Download the 2021 ND Administrative Calendar
  • COVI-19:What Comes Next


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