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NDLS Communicator: Week of 01.11.21

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The Latest News

  • Amy Coney Barrett was featured in the most recent edition of the Notre Dame Magazine
  • Justice Alan Page to be featured speaker at Martin Luther King Day event
  • Veronica Root Martinez publishes new article, Avoiding JudicialDiscipline
  • Carter Snead featured in Bloomberg Opinion Q&A
  • Patrick Thomas quoted in Forbes
  • Nicole Garnett writes for Newsweek
  • Jonathan Hannah wrote an article for Public Disclosure
  • Rick Garnett quoted in Catholic News Service and National Catholic Reporter
  • Jimmy Gurulé in the news
  • Stephanie Barclay participated in the Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting on a panel discussing COVID and Religious Free Exercise
  • Veronica Root participated in a panel on Federal Courts atthe Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting.

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, January 13: Faculty Meeting
  • Friday, January 15: Law Review Symposium

Around the Watercooler

  • Wecolme new employees. Edward Marshall and Maria Gonzalez-Diaz
  • Good Luck to Joe Nugent
  • Holiday Memories: Family photos
  • Happy Birthday
  • Covid Surveillance Testing


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