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The Latest News

  • Notre Dame Law Review hosts symposium on 'Liberalism, Christianity, and Constitutionalism'
  • Judge Theodor Meron delivers ND Law’s 2022 Peace Through Law Lecture in London
  • DEI Podcast, Episode 3: Understanding Imposter Feelings
  • The Religious Liberty Clinic represents Sikhs, Muslims, Bruderhof, and Jewish groups defending a Rastafarian inmate forcibly shaved bald
  • Sadie Blanchard's article, "Contracts Without Courts or Clans: How Business Networks Govern Exchange" has been published in the Georgia Law Review.
  • Randy Kozel's new paper, “Government Employee Speech and Forum Analysis” was published in the Journal of Free Speech and challenges the idea that free speech claims by government employees require their own, unique constitutional rules.
  • Avishalom Tor will present his ongoing work on Digital Nudging at the Law and Economics Workshop of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem later this week.
  • Rick Garnett will moderate a webinar, "Parental Rights and Religions Liberty: Examining New Conflicts Between Parents and the State."
  • Fr. John Paul Kimes was quoted by the Hawaii Catholic Herald in the article, "Cause for Joseph Dutton's beatification progressing."
  • Fr. Bill Dailey wrote, "How to be a good Catholic and a good Supreme Court justice — at the same time," for America magazine.
  • Diane Desierto, along with two ND Law graduates, Nathaniel Hanna and Shambhavi Shekokar, coauthored, "Water and Human Rights, Unlocked: A Guide for Water-Intensive Industries."
  • America Magazine published an essay about a former faculty member, John Noonan.
Student News
  • Students, faculty, and staff donated food and toiletries for the St. Vincent de Paul Society’s pantry.
  • Monday, November 28: Law & Economics Workshop: Jonathan Nash, Emory, "An Experimental Examination of the Bias Rationale for Federal Diversity Jurisdiction," 12:30 p.m., 2130 Eck Hall of Law
  • Tuesday, November 29: Faculty Colloquium, Jonathan Nash, Emory, 12:30 p.m., 2130 Eck Hall of Law
  • Wednesday, November 30: Program on Church, State and Society 2023 Summer Fellowship information session, 12:30 p.m., 1140 Eck Hall of Law
  • Friday, December 2: Job Talk, 12:30 p.m., 2130 Eck Hall of Law
  • Private Law Workshop: Amalia Kessler, Stanford, "Corporatist Arbitration in the Pursuit of Industrial Democracy: Private/Public Governance and the Regulation of Trade and Labor Relations," 12:30 p.m., 2108 Eck Hall of Law
  • Reminder: Please remember to RSVP to the Law School's Christmas Reception by Thursday, Dec. 1.
Around the Watercooler
  • After Dobbs: A Thanksgiving for the Brave Love of Adoption. Leigh Snead wrote for the National Catholic Register about how the gift of adoption has blessed their family.


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