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Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick ’04 J.D. of the Delaware Court of Chancery delivers inaugural Patricia O’Hara Distinguished Lecture in Law & Business

The Latest News

  • Last year, the ND Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate (FIRE) started the Church Properties Initiative to help the Church to think through real estate concerns. Dan Kelly is the faculty director for FIRE.
  • Rick Garnett explained public accommodation laws for a Today Show report on a Virginia restaurant that refused to serve a conservative Christian group.
  • Nicole Garnett writes about how religious charter schools will add valuable pluralism to the U.S. educational landscape in an essay for City Journal.
  • Lloyd Mayer provided clarity on the effects of the Respect for Marriage Act in an article in USA Today.
  • Sherif Girgis wrote about the free speech case 303 Creative v. Elenis for Law & Liberty.
  • Fr. Bill Dailey wrote, "The Unfolding and Unsettling of Vatican II" for The Public Discourse.
  • Jimmy Gurulé delivered the keynote last week at the Anti- Financial Crime Summit in London.
  • Avishalom Tor spoke at the European Law Institute High Level Expert Group Meeting last week. His presentation was "Do Not Neglect the Costs of Nudging to Promote Sustainability."
  • Stephanie Barclay will participate in a fireside chat with Justice Bradley Miller of the Court of Appeal for Ontario during the Runnymede Society national conference in January.

Student News

  • ND Law student Macio Sexton Jr. receives prestigious diversity scholarship from Ropes & Gray


  • December 11-14: Catholic Schools and Religious Liberty: A Global Perspective, Notre Dame Global Gateway in Rome
  • December 12-17: Final exams

Around the Watercooler

  • Happy Birthday Dan Manier--December 16
  • Sacred Stories of Notre Dame, a daily advent journey


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