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NDLS Communicator: Week of 04.09.18

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The Latest News

  • Father Mike Show raises nearly $11,000 for summer stipends
  • Michelle Smit, 3L, wins Ladas Award from International Trademark Association
  • Program on Church, State & Society names summer fellows

This Week's Events

  • Staff Town Hall
  • Nicholas Stephanopoulos and Ruth Greenwood, will give a talk, The Redistricting Fight and Implications for the 2018 Election
  • Steve Yelderman will present Patent Damages on the High Seas, a talk on an amicus brief he wrote for a Supreme Court patent case
  • Faculty colloquium, Marsha Garrison, Brooklyn Law School, and Peg Brinig
  • Marah McLeod and Gerry Bradley will participate in a death penalty panel and discuss how Catholicism influences their vocations
  • The second Admitted Students Weekend will be held throughout the Law School

Around the Watercooler

  • HR Office Hours this week
  • Welcome Baby Sachau!
  • Graciela Olivarez ceremony and reception
  • Earn CLE credit on April 20
  • Commencement volunteers needed


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