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NDLS Communicator: Week of 09.25.17

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The Latest News

  • Please Welcome our Alums and Law Association Board to Campus
  • Why Law Students Should Consider Studying in London

This Week's Events

  • Staff Town Hall Meeting
  • President Trump, Russia, and the Power of the Special Prosecutor, with Jimmy Gurulé
  • Max Siegel, '86 B.A., '92 J.D., CEO of USA Track and Field
  • The Attorney General's Duty to Prosecute and Defend the Law - Not Their Personal Notion of Right and Wrong, with John Suthers,
  • The Slants, the band from the landmark Supreme Court case on free speech and trademark law, Matal v. Tam, will talk about the case and then perform
  • Football: Notre Dame vs. Miami of Ohio

Around the Water Cooler

  • Birthdays
  • Get your new ID Card!
  • National Fall Foliage Week


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