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NDLS Communicator: Week of 01.21.19

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The Latest News

  • In Memoriam: Donald Kommers
  • RSVP: A Conversation with Nina Totenberg
  • Czech university honors Michael Seng '64
  • Rick Garnett talks to Deseret News about a Supreme Court case and the First Amendment
  • Sam Bray discusses national injunctions
  • Jimmy Gurule is quoted in USA Today

This Week's Events

  • January 21: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • January 22: Faculty Colloquium, Lloyd Mayer, The Future of Roe v. Wade on the Trump Court: A Debate between the Federalist Society and the American Constitutional Society
  • January 23: Faculty Meeting
  • January 24: A Day in the Life of a Data Privacy and Security Lawyer with Reena Bajowala
  • January 25: Dean's Staff Update

Around the Watercooler

  • Happy Birthday!
  • Mass Schedule
  • The Law School turns 150!


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