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NDLS Communicator: Week of 02.25.19

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The Latest News

  • ND Law Students pay it forward in work with Clay High School mock trial team.
  • LL.M. Student Spotlight: Raphael Ng'etich
  • Congratulations to Moot Court winners
  • Off the beaten track: Notre Dame law students discover Buckfast Abbey
  • Supreme Court memorial cross case to help clarify law regarding public religious symbols
  • US military action in Venezuela would violate international law--discussed by Mary Ellen O'Connell
  • Mark McKenna talks to ABC57 News about DNA testing and privacy
  • Judy Fox featured on Cap-impact podcast

This Week's Events

  • February 26: International Antitrust and the Rule of Law with Roger Alford
  • The United States of Emergency with Jay Tidmarsh
  • National Park Law on The Anniversary of the Grand Canyon's Status as a National Park with John Nagle
  • February 27: Professor Speaker Series: Rick Garnett
  • February 28: Faculty Colloquium, John Stinneford, University of Florida
  • IP & Technology Speaker Series, Brett Frischmann, Villanova University
  • March 1: 2019 JLEPP Symposium: State Constitutional Law
  • 69th Annual Moot Court Showcase Argument

Around the Watercooler

  • Faculty and Staff Training with Tarana Burke
  • Happy Birthday
  • Mock Trial
  • Commencement is May 17-19


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