Annual Moot Court Showcase Argument


67th Annual Moot Court Showcase Argument

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In Supreme Court case Piper v. Lockwood, there are two questions before the court. First, whether a court, in determining the reasonableness of a use of force by an officer during an arrest, should consider only the facts and circumstances at the moment of the use of force or should instead also consider the relevant facts and circumstances leading up to the moment of the use of force. And second, whether individuals, including those with no formal affiliation to the press, have a First Amendment right to record police officers acting in public.

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Left to right: Lauren Shumate, Chrissy Milanese, Sean McAuliffe, Chief Justice Matthew Durrant, Judge Alice Batchelder, Judge John Blakey, Jeffrey Schmidt, Brittany Ehardt and Nicholas Schilling, Jr.
For Respondents

  • Lauren Shumate, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Sean McAuliffe, Burham, CT
  • Chrissy Milanese, Boca Raton, FL
For Petitioners
  • Brittany Ehardt, Congers, NY
  • Nicholas Schilling, Jr., Kansas City, MO
  • Jeffrey W. Schmidt, Belle Plaine, MN
Presiding Judges
  • Judge Alice Batchelder, Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Chief Justice Matthew Durrant, Utah Supreme Court
  • Judge John Blakey, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois