Apple/Beats Deal Visits Washington First

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Joe Bauer talks about the Apple/Beats Deal in the Roll Call Technocrat blog entry Apple/Beats Deal Visits Washington First on May 29.

Technocrat talked to Joseph Bauer, a law professor at Notre Dame who’s an expert on antitrust issues. Here’s how it works: A statute called the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act requires mergers or acquisitions that exceed a certain dollar amount to file paperwork with both the FTC and the DOJ’s Antitrust Division. The $3 billion price, in this case, hits the threshold, Bauer says.

Once the DOJ and the FTC agree on who’s going review the transaction, the other agency backs off, he says. Both agencies wouldn’t be reviewing it.

There can be some territorial fighting between the agencies about who’s going to conduct a review, but “that doesn’t happen very often,” he says.