Mark McKenna quoted in The Guardian article "Samsung says $52m, not $380m, is owed for Apple patent infringement

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Mark McKenna quoted in The Guardian article by Charles Arthur "Samsung says $52m, not $380m, is owed for Apple patent infringement.

“Most cases with these enormous stakes would have settled by now – particularly once the court ordered a new trial on damages, which could substantially increase or decrease the damage award," McKenna said by email. "But once the court took off the table the possibility of an injunction (which would have taken Samsung products off the market), the risk to Samsung was significantly lower, reducing its incentive to settle. And Apple wants something significant to show for its efforts. So I expect this case to be litigated through, and we could well see several more appeals. Who wins, ultimately, here? Lawyers.”

Last year McKenna told the Guardian that the amount of work involved in calculating the damages - which involved a 20-page document totalling hundreds of individual decisions - "isn't hugely out of step with patent cases generally. There are lots of cases that involve many patent claims and many products, some more than this case - but this case is on the higher end."