Professor Offers Options to Counter Escalating Crackdowns on NGOs

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When Compassion International announced this month that it was closing its charitable operations in India – where it provided 145,000 children with meals, medical care, and tuition payments – the Colorado-based organization joined a growing list of casualties in a troubling global trend.

More than 50 countries have increased their restrictions on foreign aid in recent years, causing severe complications for non-governmental organizations that rely on cross-border funding. One of the concerning aspects of the trend is that it’s happening not just in authoritarian regimes such as Russia, China, and Egypt but in democracies like India, as well.

Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer, a Notre Dame Law School professor whose research interests include nonprofit organizations, has authored a paper that identifies this problem facing NGOs and explores options for countering the restrictions. The paper, titled “Globalization Without a Safety Net: The Challenge of Protecting Cross-Border Funding of NGOs,” will be published in the Minnesota Law Review during the 2017-18 academic year.