"Who Owns Crimson and White?" (Quotes: Mark McKenna) Wall Street Journal

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Who Owns Crimson and White? (Quotes: Mark McKenna) Wall Street Journal. Article by Allen Barra.

Mark McKenna, a Notre Dame professor specializing in trademark law, is an amicus attorney for the case. In a phone interview last week, he said: "CLC and the university are using Daniel Moore as a test case. The bottom line is that Alabama and other schools want to control all the merchandise carrying an image associated with their schools. If they win, it isn't clear how far they could take this. If Daniel Moore isn't free to use an image from an Alabama game, how do we know that, say, Sports Illustrated wouldn't be able to use a photo from an Alabama football game without the university's approval? How do we know it would be OK for a newspaper to print a game photo? For that matter, could they even say 'University of Alabama' or 'Crimson Tide' in print?"

Does Mr. McKenna think that magazines and newspapers are concerned as they await the court's decision? "They ought to be," he says.