Supreme Court Heads Into a New Term

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Gerard Bradley was quoted in the National Catholic Register article Supreme Court Heads Into a New Term by JOAN FRAWLEY DESMOND on October 9.

Gerard Bradley, an expert on constitutional law at the University of Notre Dame Law School, told the Register that the justices will decide “whether states have the power to limit a doctor’s prescription of RU-486 to the FDA protocols.”

But there is a larger issue at stake for abortion facilities that resist this kind of oversight.

“I think the outcome is important and will actually turn on the larger question of whether Oklahoma is setting up an ‘undue burden’ on a woman’s right to access to abortion,” said Bradley, noting the legal argument that often accompanies such cases.

“On this the answer is: ‘Surely not.’ … No woman is deprived of an abortion here; the alternative for a woman seeking eighth- or ninth-week abortion is a surgical procedure.”

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