Apple-Samsung Jury Foreman Says Google E-Mail Persuasive (Quotes: Mark McKenna) Bloomberg/Businessweek

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Apple-Samsung Jury Foreman Says Google E-Mail Persuasive article by Joel Rosenblatt, Karen Gullo and Douglas MacMillan quotes Mark McKenna in Bloomberg/Businessweek, Aug 26, 201.

“I could imagine him being very useful to the other jurors as long as he’s not trying to dominate the jury room,” said Mark McKenna, a University of Notre Dame Law School professor, in an interview before the verdict. “It could be the case that because this guy has a lot of expertise that a lot of jurors defer a lot of specific questions to him.”

Hogan’s patent isn’t the same type as those covering software features and design elements that were at issue in the trial, McKenna said.

“But the patent is not as unrelated to Apple’s as a biotech patent or a piece of farm machinery” he said. “It’s still in the tech industry.”