Some States Allowed To Reopen National Parks — And Foot The Bill

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NPR News quoted John Nagle in the article Utah Allowed To Reopen National Parks — And Foot The Bill by Howard Berkes on October 11.

"Utah resisted the creation of several of the national parks that now blanket southern Utah because it resented the federal control over land within the state," says John Copeland Nagle, a professor of law at Notre Dame University and the author of a forthcoming book on national parks.

"But now ... the towns of southern Utah have come to depend on the tourist revenue that the national parks generate," he says.

Still, Nagle sees new politicization of national parks in Utah and elsewhere.

"While the [Obama] administration has accused House Republicans of holding the government hostage," he says, "it's also true that the administration is holding the national parks hostage to the broader debate about funding the government."