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Notre Dame Law School

Notre Dame International Security Center Keough School of Global Affairs

Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies Center for Civil and Human Rights

With generous support from the Thomas E Fay Endowment for Excellence

Fifteen Years After the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks:

Reassessing the threat of international terrorism and the domestic and global responses

Thursday, September 22, 2016 Mccartan Courtroom, Notre Dame Law School

Prominent national secunry experts across disciplines wzll examine how the threat of international terrorism has evolved since September 11, 2001, explore the domestic and international responses to the threat of international !e'rrofism, and examine the effectiveness of those measures

8:50 a.m. Opening Remarks by Ambassador Thomas ("Ted") E. McNamara

Former Senior Advisor far Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security

3:25 p.m. Keynote Address by Congressman Lee Hamilton

Vice-Chairman of the 9 / 11 Commission (Sponsored l?J the Jack Kelly/ Gail Weiss Lecture in National Security)